Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sparkle and Shine

Last night we hosted a Diwali party at the MDC casa! It was fun being surrounded by good friends :) The kids were laughing, giggling, and running around. The grown ups were just as noisy. We all had fun :)

Diwali is always a mixed bag of emotions for me. I loved Diwali as a child. Even now, as a grown up, I love everything about it. I always feel nostalgic around Diwali. The Festival of Lights has always been a celebration in my home. It all started with my mom who made it extra special for us :) There were so many things to look forward to during Diwali. There were discussions with friends and cousins about what to wear. Mom always cooked up a storm and there was a constant supply of mithai in the house. I was always in charge of the diyas, the lights, and the rangoli. The polishing of the silver and the painting and sprucing up of the house for family and friends were yearly Diwali rituals. The puja was followed by blessings from the elders. Last but not the least, there was the lighting of the diyas and the lights on the trees. Finally we would all sit around and admire our handiwork and revel in the beauty of Diwali :)

I really want to pass this legacy and the wonderful traditions of Diwali down to my kids.  Years later, and thousands of miles away from home, I hope that I am able to recreate the magic of Diwali for my children :)

I could not take a lot of pictures of my Diwali party last night but here are a few. Wherever you maybe in the world, if you celebrate Diwali, remember to sparkle and shine :)

Happy Diwali and have a great week!!

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Rashmie @ Mommy Labs said...

Beautiful photos! Love the tea lights. And I like those words "recreate the magic of Diwali for my kids". I feel the same way too though I'm right here in India. Somehow, the traditions and week-long celebrations associated with festivals are dwindling and I want to restore all that magic... :-)
Happy Diwali to you and your family!

GB said...

It looks dreamy, Anu! Wishing you and your family a very happy diwali.

Emreen said...


Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali !!


P.S : Lovely images, esp luv the tribal figurines.

చందు said...

OMG!! Really amazing pics :) I like the lantern one ;)

Happy Diwaliiii Anu!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Happy Diwali!

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