Monday, November 5, 2012

Stories to Share (Creativity at its best)

I am always delighted to share creative ideas here especially if they come from readers and friends of MDC:) Today Reshma Sharma is sharing a wonderful, simple yet effective idea for the festive/ holiday season. In her own words

"Some glass bangles that I hardly wear are glad to see the light of the day and the light of candles too"

I absolutely love this idea. Reshma beautiful bangles look so festive with simple tea lights between them. This truly reiterates what I have been saying all along. You don't need to spend money on expensive things to give your house a fresh look for the festive / holiday season. A few sparkly bangles/bracelets from your dresser will do the trick:)

Brilliant idea, don't you think ? Reshma has recently created a page of Facebook to share her creative ideas and her beautiful home. Click here to visit.

Thank you Reshma for sharing your ideas on My Dream Canvas.

Images : Reshma Sharma via Love and Care


Unknown said...

very good idea! Will definitely try it!

Reshma said...

Even the simplest of things look so nice on your blog. Thanks for the feature :)

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