Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Coffee Table Books as Travel Souvenirs

I love to travel :) To see the world, to explore the unknown, to taste different cuisines, to wander aimlessly.......yes I love it all!! Do you shop a lot on vacation? I used to be the person in the souvenir shop picking up the cute and sometimes tacky knick-knacks and now I don't! The reason is simple, I hope to see more of the world and I don't have the space in my home to display all my finds :) I have nothing against shopping on a trip, I love it too. However I do stop myself from picking up random things!
Somehow the souvenirs that I find in multiple stores when I am on vacation don't tempt me anymore. Instead I have a new passion. I collect coffee table books from the places/ countries that I have visited! These books are slowly filling up my book shelves at home but I do not mind.

I recently got these two cute little books from my brother and sister in law while we were holidaying in England. They lived in Leicester at the time, hence the book :) I am a student of English literature so you can understand my passion for poetry. My brother bought me this book on Wordsworth while we were sitting in a pub on our trip to the Lake district.

I smile every time I look at these books and the many others that I have collected. I date them so years later I can remember when we were there. I have also started writing a few lines in the book itself about our trip! A quick snapshot of our vacation :)

So what about you shop on vacations and what do you love to buy?

I took this shot from the car while driving through the Lake District on a cloudy day!

Images : Anu@MyDreamCanvas.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What an amazing photo! I love collecting postcards of places around the world!

Unknown said...

I am contented with better souvenirs but I want a book. The book lists the contact details of travels and all.

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