Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Home Tour : Adity's Indian Home in Dublin

Today I am so excited to bring back the "Home Tours" series on My Dream Canvas. This is the home of Adity Chakravarti. Adity has lived and set up homes in different parts of the world. Her husband is a diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service and the home featured here is their residence in Dublin, Ireland. Adity is also an artist, she loves to paint and designs jewelry. Adity has two lovely children and like many of us is a fellow decor enthusiast :)

In Adity's words "Most of you who have chosen your homes, chosen your own furniture and drapes but I have not. People like me never have. Rather, we accompany our husbands or wives to the places they have been posted to and live in designated homes. Then, we pray fervently that the house (often Government of India property) is a decent one and pray more fervently that the furniture and curtains are alright :) Our government gives us furnished houses to live in while we are abroad. This is often a boon but can easily turn into a nightmare in case you land up with a house or furniture you don’t like :) Since the home is the property of the Indian government, every piece of furniture has a ‘life span’. Therefore, you cannot change it just because you don’t like it. Meanwhile, you hide the pieces you don’t like.... cover them with throws or camouflage it with cushions:)"

Adity was thrilled to learn that the residence in Dublin had been painstakingly restored and renovated by their predecessors and was in good condition. The home now has Adity's touch. She has some treasured pieces of furniture and accessories she carries with her on all their postings.

Here's a peek into Adity's beautiful world....

This is an old dowry chest that Adity and her husband bought in Bangladesh. It is absolutely stunning in my opinion. I love how she has displayed the colorful fabrics from Rajasthan in the chest.

One of her favorite pieces in the house- a bronze Vishnu from Tamil Nadu acquired by the Indian government. The art of bronze cast sculptures in India dates back to 2400 BC.

These are her precious divans that were handcrafted in Bangladesh out of two headboards she found lying in a bad state in a village near Dhaka. Adity got the table made to match the divan.

Adity's table setting at home..................

I love the way Adity has brought her own personal style into this impressive home! What do you think? I am sure Adity would love to hear your comments.

Thank you Adity for sharing your beautiful home with the readers of My Dream Canvas. Do visit Adity's blog to view more pictures of her home and see her artwork.

Images via. Copyright Adity Chakravarti

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Image: Arcadian Home


Aalayam Inspiration said...

lovely feature anu!
aditi - what can i say? I am a huge sucker for ethnic indian decor and this had me at hello! lovely, lovely interiors!
also, i so covet the china with the indian national emblem - would've loved to own something like that - you are a lucky woman!
will stop by your blog! stop by ours (aalayam)


Susan said...

Hello Anu....I like her decorating style. Love the pops of color and texture. Nice job! Thanks for sharing. Susan

Christy James said...

What a beautiful space! I love the divans!! Thanks for sharing!

Junkchiccottage said...

These frames are beautiful. I too love the colors and textures. Thanks for stopping by my blog now I have found you.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How gorgeous! Love these photos!

Unknown said...

Nice collection dear. You can find some online home shopping centers for decoration.

Iyappan Kalimutu said...

Dublin is wonderful place. Home Tour is always enjoyable one. everybody must go home tours. this post inspire to write new post in my chennai to tirupati tour packages blogs. thanks

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