Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Family Room This Summer

I like my home to evolve and change with every new season. Simple changes that are effective in my mind and works for me for a few months. Maybe I am fickle..... but I love to move things around :) 

To be honest while I love my Suzani chair, I have never been completely happy with it being in my formal living space. My formal living room is in the front of the house and is not a very large area. This chair in my mind deserves its own space :) I faced resistance from Mr MDC who wanted it to be there, so that it would be away from my kids reach. My kids spent most of their time in the room shown here. This room  is our all purpose family room. So moving the chair here would have meant that it would be used more often. I am not entirely sure that I have done a smart thing. I would like to believe that my kids are old enough now not to destroy my stuff :) Time will tell I guess!!

So  for now the chair has moved to its new location. I like it more here. With the light streaming.....I am ready to welcome summer in my home! I am trying to achieve a bright, clean and airy look for summer and I am slowly getting there!!

What about you ? Are you working on any seasonal changes in your home? I would love to know!

summer decor

Images: My Home and subject to copyright.

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