Monday, March 23, 2015

Tea time with Swati Seth

Swati Seth is a woman extraordinaire. She is the Founder of The Color Caravan and a brilliant photographer. The Color Caravan works with independent craftspeople, SHGs & NGOs on grass-root level to co-create products and helps bridge gap between artisans and the market, thereby reviving the handicrafts as well as livelihood. You can view her pictures on Swati Seth Photography

I admire Swati's commitment for art and craft and her passion for preserving and propagating age-old traditional Indian crafts. Swati and I have been virtual friends for a while now. We share common interests especially travelling and  our mutual love of chai :) I particularly like how she captures the small joys of life through her camera lens! Her images are the perfect addition to MDC'S tea time series...........

Thanks Swati for sharing your tea time moments with MDC :) Stay tuned for more chai moments and a grand finale coming up this week!

Images: Swati Seth Photography and subject to copyright.


Unknown said...

Such lovely pics. I really love what Swati and her team are doing and her e-store is a real joy. Consider myself fortunate to have met her :) Thanks Swati for sharing your wonderful chai pics and Anu for bringing them to us :)

ఇందు said...

Hi Anu,

First of all your Tea-Time series is wonderful and I met many beautiful persons here and listened their chai stories!

You know what?? When you started this series, the first person that came into my mind is 'Swati Seth'. I came to know about her through your blog and later bought some wonderful things from her store which I can cherish for life long :) She is such a sweet person that I could ever met! I love nativity and ingenuity in her pics. Her chai! They reflect her :) I follow her on FB for both TCC and her photography.

When I saw her post today in ur blog, I really felt 'How come Anu read my mind?' ;) Thanks a ton for featuring one of my best virtual friends :) and wish you and ur blog belated happy birthday :)


SS said...

Thank you :)

SS said...

Thank you :)

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