Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tea Time With Erum Kazmi

The Tea time series is back this week with Erum Kazmi. Erum is a friend, fellow "chai" lover, photographer and an extremely talented lady. I featured her exquisite home right here on My Dream Canvas a few years ago. Her home tour is not to be missed!! Erum has great taste. Her style is elegant, classy and understated all at the same time. A winning combination in my opinion :) Her passion for tea is clearly evident in the images below. Tea time at her home looks beautiful! I asked Erum to describe these special moments in her own words!

Take it away Erum.....
"You'll always find three things in my home, chai,  books and flowers.  
Growing up having a cup of chai with breakfast, hurriedly leaving for school was a ritual back home. At night Ammi (Mom) always insisted having a cup of milk but I always argued for chai :)
Later, the love continued through college days as the canteen served the most delicious chai. No matter how horrid the summer was or how tough the exams were, tea was always there to perk up my soul. I truly believe in this idiom, "where there's tea, there's hope". I get up early in the morning just to enjoy my cup of tea in a solitude. A non-tea lover will not get it, the feel is very sublime. My husband shares the same love of chai. He religiously serves me evening Cuppa, so it's actually the cherry on top. 

I've always enjoyed capturing the endless cups of chai over the years in Chai Khana and will ccontinue to do so. Love exploring little cafes/tea shops around the town. Enjoy reading about different types of teas, their stages of preparation, and origins. Whether its the chai, thick with the aroma of boiled milk, streaked with the perfume of cardamom and clove, exotic flavors like youth berry orange blossom, soothing invigorating and rejuvenating ginger tea, time-less classic earl grey or the typical Pakistani dhaba style karak chap, or doodh patti chai :) I'm always ready to capture and gulp it down effortlessly. To me a perfect cup of tea is what we all need end of the day as I'm one of those people who strongly believe and take chai as a stress reliever or re-freshener :) 

Please drop by at my page to enjoy more chaibooks and flowers :)"

Last but not the least, my absolute favorite picture of all the images Erum sent me, is the one of a drawing made by her daughter!

In Erum's words" My almost 6 yr old daughter has an obsession with drawing. Just like the way I don't get tired of consuming endless cups of tea, she doesn't get tired of drawing endless tea cups for me :)

I love it.... the little one clearly understands her mom's passion for chai :)

Thank you Erum for sharing your tea time moments with My Dream Canvas. I hope we can share a "cuppa" in person soon :)

Image: Erum Kazmi and subject to copyright!

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