Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tea Time With Kamini in Seattle

I am having so much fun bringing you tea time stories from around the world. I have a grand finale planned and its one you don't want to miss :) However, that is a few days away.......

Today, I am inviting all chai lovers to Kamini's home here in Seattle. Kamini is a fellow blogger, friend, an interior designer and an artist. Kamini has been on a break from blogging. However, I for one, sincerely hope she returns to the blogosphere :) You have to check out her blog to view pictures of her gorgeous home.....for tonnes of inspiration and to view her work! I love the images she sent me of tea time in her home. Do you spot the sugar container? Its one of my finds from Istanbul for The Shop At My Dream Canvas. I am thrilled when I see my finds become a part of a lovely home :)

Take it away Kamini....

"I'm a coffee gal, but on sunny days like this gorgeous spring day we're having here, I hanker for tea. A light refreshing herbal tea, not the heavy cloying taste of coffee. The tea set is one I picked up in Granada a few years ago. It's meant for mint tea, but works as well for any herbal tea. My favorite tea flavors are green tea with ginger, mint or kombucha and this one-Honeybush, a sweet African nectar. I'm enjoying the tea time series. So fun to see what teas folks like to drink and the compelling stories that go along with the pics."
Thank you Kamini for inviting us over for chai! Your tea time sounds wonderful and your presentation is exquisite!

Images: Kamini Raghavan and subject to copyright,

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sahasra said...

Miss her posts Anu,glad to have her post here.love the images

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