Thursday, March 26, 2015

Waterlogue Magic At Home

I wish, I could paint......... sing and dance!! Well, truthfully.....I can't do any of it :) However, I can take numerous pictures and hang them all over my house :) Most of the artwork in my home has been transported here from my parents home!. Then, there are some that I have purchased on my trips.

I have a  blank wall in my bedroom which has been neglected for years. I plan to use my photographs....especially the vignettes from My Dream Canvas and give them this delightful look using the Waterlogue app. What do you think? These are my images presented with a twist :) 

I love using Waterlogue! Have you tried it? Now, I need to find the perfect frames for these images........yay :)

The "Tea series" continues next week and a Giveaway is coming up soon....

Images: My Dream Canvas Painted using Waterlogue

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Maryam said...

this is awesome...
and your lovely photos look amazing in the watercolor rendition!!

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