Sunday, March 29, 2015

Daffodils and Tulips

Hello to the new week and to all of you :) My weekend as you can clearly see was filled with Daffodils and Tulips! We drove an hour and a half away from home to see these beauties. What can I say, its become an annual ritual. Every year we think that there is no point seeing it again but there we go again :)

A drive filled with natural beauty and my family is my biggest stress buster! I really enjoy and cherish these outings. These mini breaks are such fun! Many years ago, reading was my stress buster but..... now I have to say its drives like these that make me feel happy and relaxed!

The Skagit Valley in spring has numerous fields covered in a myriad hues. On Saturday there were clouds literally hanging over the flowers. For me they added even more drama to the scene :) Our boots got muddy as we moved through the fields to get closer to the flowers. The kids picked their favorite color and posed for numerous pictures!

A host of golden daffodils............ I could happily live in that barn :)

We stopped at this ice cream place which apart from serving the best ice cream on the planet had a cute little shop selling these gorgeous baskets!!

So what's your stress buster these days?? That one thing that makes you feel happy and relaxed ?

Images: My Dream Canvas


eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous images, I love all the beautiful rows of tulips.. And the colorful baskets as pretty. Happy Monday!

Sangitha Aanand said...

Hi Anu,too good! We will be in Seattle in a week's time and Skagit valley is definitely in our itenary...The images only makes me look forward to the trip. The post comes at the most appropriate time.

Reshma at said...

Gorgeous tulip clicks! Love them all!

FarZain said...

WOW, the photos are absolutely amazing!! What a gorgeous place!! Keep up your annual ritual!


Unknown said...

Stunning photos, Anu :). I have to plan a trip soon now, its so gorgeous :). Thanks for sharing so much prettiness!!!

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