Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Creative With Clay

Wow!! That is all I have to say....when I see something so utterly gorgeous. These are unique, one of a kind, handmade pottery inspired by Indian designs, fabrics, embroidery, colors and Bollywood. To think that these amazing pieces of art are created pretty close to where I live...... makes it even more amazing :-)

The person behind Creative with Clay  is Charan Sachar. Charan also happens to be an ex software engineer! Can you believe that?? He was earlier balancing his full time job and selling his products on Etsy. However, now he pursuing his interest full time and creating these masterpieces as I like to call them.

I love everything about his designs! In a perfect world, I wish we could all pursue our individual interests. The world would then be such a happy and carefree place. The stresses of everyday life would be about things that you are passionate about! I say bring it on :-)

Do you think about that at all? Now that my toddler is heading off to school soon...... I think a lot about what I want to do with my time! Getting back to working full time,......maybe not! On my wish list,a course in photography, perhaps head back to school. Bachelor of Interior Design maybe....volunteer my time for causes that interest me......spend more time on my online boutique store....okay...I know I sound confused :-) Anyway, as I figure all this out and keep rambling..........please bear with me :-)

So in your ideal world , what would you really want to do???

You can browse his entire collection here. My favorites are these olive serving trays and the soup bowls.


Images: Creative With Clay by Charan Sachar.


Amtrips said...

wow, charan is no doubt an inspiration.... love this work and already a fan on etsy long time back...! I wish one day I pursue my dreams. Btw I like the thin platter strips...! really creative is Mr. Charan..!

Tanya Anurag said...

Awesome work, Charan. I really appreciate your decision of giving all your attention to your passion :)

Anu, the options that you have for future are exactly what is going on in my mind. Do let me know what you take up... it would help me to make my choice :) Stuck between continuing with the life of an IT Professional or pursuing a more colorful career.

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