Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diwali and Fall Extravaganza Part 2

The countdown begins.......there are just a few more weeks for Diwali, the Festival of lights! The look is bright, bold and beautiful.....and that's the  theme for the festivities coming up during the next few months. Join me here at MDC for a special celebration that will continue till the end of the year:-)

The Shop at My Dream Canvas presents a limited edition collection of Kalamkari pouches, silk handbags and clutches with zardozi and brocade! To view the entire collection click here!

These products will be available only during the festive season and are not part of our regular collection. Please contact me at for pricing and other details.


Here's wishing you a fabulous day where ever you are!

Images : The Shop at My Dream Canvas

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Jessie said...

I love your blog and I got the impression that you might like art-projects. I have came across this project, where a girl is trying to collect pictures from all over the world with a sign saying "Hello Tony" and make a gift for her boyfriend. It is not my project, but I LOVE the idea and want to spread it on the blogs I know.

Please have a look at and help spread the word!

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