Sunday, October 2, 2011

Its Monday!

Hello Monday and hello my lovely readers! All set for the week ahead?? I am, after a rather eventful weekend. There were some highs and then there were some lows....of course everything looked better after some retail therapy and good food!

The good stuff has to wait a wee bit till I can share it with you :-)The bad stuff is that "The Shop at My Dream Canvas" will not be participating at the Harvest Festival. After confirming my application a month ago, the organizers called me on Friday evening to say that there was an oversight and since my products are not locally made I cannot be a vendor there! Well........anyway without getting into the refund is on its way back and that's the end of that! I wish they had realized this earlier.....but I guess its time to move on. There are some other events lined up for next year in downtown. So there is lots more to look forward to :-)

I am enjoying the last few days of sunshine before the rain and clouds envelope us for a good 5 months! Do join me for a cup of tea and enjoy the week ahead!


Images: My home


Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

What a bummer! I was so looking forward to the pics from the Harvest festival and your pretty stall :(

But the good part is that all the goodies will now be available via 'The Shop', right? :)

Anonymous said...

Aaaawww… *hugs*.. Anu!! Don’t be low… Its ok!! There will be truck loads of opportunities coming your way!!

Enjoy the sunshine… while it lasts… And bring on the smile…

And yes.. Im waiting to see what more you have in the shop… Your pics are sooooooooo pretty… and gorgeous.. But you know what.. I envy you people for the snow.. and the chill weather… I wont have any such thing.. Its not even becoming cooler here..


Im so happy to see you joining in the Weekly story.. Surely makes my day.. so thank you! *hugs*

notyet100 said...

I luv the silver vase,Ganesha,chai cup nd everything,..hpy festival

GB said...

Sorry to hear about your booth--but I'm sure there will be many other craft fairs, and sometimes taking the first step is the hardest. You've already done that, and so regardless of the outcome, you're already one step closer to your goal. We're all rooting for you! :)

Hope you have a sunshine-y week!(we've had days of non-stop rain here, can't wait for the sun!)

Shanthi said...

Oh!!! that was sad. But never mind you have made yourself ready for the plunge, the next one will be just around the corner :-)

Iniyaal said...

It is always bad when you anticipate something and it suddenly does not happen... Wish you lots of luck and success in the upcoming fairs.
The Ganesha and silver vase are beautiful, not to mention the so pretty flowers.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely,sad to hear about the harvest festival.buts thats ok.look forward to more.i am yet to comment on all your posts.

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