Thursday, April 12, 2012

Layla Grayce

This is a story of two friends and their passion for design which led to the birth of their store Layla Grayce. In their own words" Layla Grayce is an "inspired haven that reflects a stylish, creative take on lifestyle.

I am drooling over their collection  of vases, tumblers and pillows! To visit their site, click Here!

Two lifelong friends came together and followed their dreams to create something beautiful :-)  What a lovely story and a beautiful collection!

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kala said...

The vases are really beautifull

Sharon said...

how wonderful! lovely find, anu!

Amtrips said...

the first pic is so adorable.. ! I want those glasses now.. :P I am in awe with your blog posting spirit anu..! everyday you generate a new post.. how ..!!! want to learn lots from you lady :)

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

I am loving those amazing vases! Very very pretty! -Jen

Unknown said...

Such an inspiring story. I hope the two ladies are very successful.

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