Monday, April 9, 2012

Vintage Love

For those who read my blog regularly know by now of my love for vintage and antiques :-) I love antique spoons. They add so much character to a table. With our busy lives elaborate parties with silverware maybe a thing of the past. However, they do make interesting displays.

I am fortunate enough to own a few vintage silver pieces. They are my pride and joy. I was sorting out a few things and found these tucked away in my kitchen drawer. My mom gave these to me and they all belong to my grandmother. My Grandmother was one of the most elegant women I have ever known. She was the sweetest person on earth and most of the lovely things I have belong to her. If she were were alive today....... I would have asked her more about these spoons. I like discovering the history behind just about everything :-)

I have a few more lovely pieces given to me by In laws. I shall share them with you soon. For now I am trying to figure out how to display these lovely beauties. I would love some suggestions? Anyone else out there who shares my love for Vintage spoons??

Images: My Home

Liniking up with Tuesday Treasures at My Uncommon slice of Suburbia.


Amtrips said...

wish i was in usa or you were in india..! :P love for vintage... hail MDC..!

Shannon Fox said...

What lovely photos and wonderful treasures! SO beautiful.

Emreen said...

Lovely treasures... !! Love the intricate design in the spoon... !!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

WOW those are stunning! Very pretty spoons and so neat!

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