Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Decor Gala and Weekend Musings

The sun has been playing "peek-a-boo" in my neck of the woods. I was delighted to see a wee bit of the sun yesterday :-) The rains came back last evening along with a glorious rainbow!

I went to a Decor Gala this week at the Country Village and loved it. This place has the most unusual stores. I found a very pretty vase and today I am going to get some flowers for it. Pictures will follow :-)  I do like picking up unusual vases. I try to keep fresh flowers in my home so different vases in an assortment of colors seem like a good investment :-)  I also try and pick up different colors and styles of cushions. It is so much easier than changing furniture :-) It is a cheaper option and so much more practical! I keep my furniture neutral and use cushions to add color! As a result, I have a overflowing linen closet - much to my husbands dismay :-)

I have my son's soccer match to go to, a long overdue visit to Costco and a trip to the farmers market for some flowers...........time to get going I guess :-)

Have a super weekend my lovely friends!

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Unknown said...

Same here Anu :) I love bright cushions and since I don't play much with colours, I feel it's always a safe bet to change your colour scheme via cushions and flowers, of course,,,can't do without them. Another woe we both share is the overflowing linen closet. I keep adding towels and bed linen too along with cushion covers and yes, the husband always gives me the dirts whenever I do so. His constant many towels/bed covers do we really need ??? haha !!

Shru said...

wow... u have beautiful it suzani cushion?....very bright n beautiful pics in ur blog and anu where do u find these white metal vase u have with so intricate work n is it very expensive???? am in love with it

Anonymous said...

How lovely Anu.. You know I have a weekness of bright colours.. :))

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