Sunday, June 10, 2012

For The Love of Peonies

Hi there! As my weekend comes to an end....... I have to say it was a good one :-) After running the mundane errands, we took a break and spent some time outdoors. The weather was on our side today :-) We drove to Green Lake, a stunning lake right in the middle of the city. The kids loved it and they had a great time riding their bikes. Of course hubby and I spent most of our time running behind our three year old. She made sure her bike kept drifting towards the water. Ah! the joys of having an energetic three year old :-)

It was a lovely day and it seemed the entire city was at the Lake!


After lunch we drove to Pike Place Market. Peonies are in season and they were everywhere!! I absolutely adore these delicate and pretty flowers.

I had to bring back some for the house! They were so hard to resist. I picked a few that have not yet bloomed so more pictures will follow :-)

A break from the everyday routine is always therapeutic and this weekend was one of those :-) Here's wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

Images: All pictures are taken by me and are subject to copyright.


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

The peonies are beautiful, and so are your photos. Chasing after a three year old is great exercise.

NanaDiana said...

Beautiful images~ I love peonies and I only wish they lasted longer. Have a great week- xo Diana

Shru said...

peonies... beautiful flower...we dont get to see these in tropical island....thanks for sharing n i must say again i loved the last 2 pics very much

Loui♥ said...

I too love Peonies!
I have been very fortunate..
to photograph so many this spring..
I agree..
their beauty leaves me breathless..
the fragrance so subtle,,
perfect combination!

Anonymous said...

The images are gorgeous.. Lovely.. Hope you are having a lovely week ahead of you.. :)

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