Thursday, June 7, 2012

Waiting for Summer!

It is the 7th of June but in my neck of the woods there is no sign of summer!!! I cannot say that it is very cold but it has been raining incessantly the past few days. It is ironical that growing up in India, I waited for the monsoons (rainy season) eagerly :-) The excessive heat gave way to showers, the dusty trees got a new life and everything looked green and beautiful. I actually thought the rain was rather romantic!! I would call it my "dreamy weather." Now, it is just the opposite :-) While I do not dislike the rain but after living in Seattle......... I seem to love the sunshine more :-)

My  house is quiet today. I have one kid tucked in bed while the other is in school. A little bit of reading, a hot cup of tea and my camera......sheer bliss!! I can hear the pitter patter of raindrops......and I have to admit that it sounds nice :-) Do you have some fun plans for the weekend?  I am hoping for some nice weather so we can head outdoors! The rain does look pretty when you are looking at it through the window :-) I shall sign off now and wait for my summer to get here :-)

Enjoy your day! A few rainy day pictures from my home.........

Images : Mine. These pictures are subject to copyright.

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