Monday, June 4, 2012

La Pause ( A Desert Oasis)

I cannot help but love the desert :-) The stark and arid landscape has a beauty of its own. During my teens, I spent two years living in the middle of a desert. Being an army kid we moved around a lot. One of my Dad's posting was in a remote desert town in Rajasthan (India). My playground was a huge sand dune behind my house :-) Sand storms were part and parcel of every day life! It was truly a glorious life in the middle of nowhere :-)

These images of La Pause near Marrakech remind me of a time gone by and rekindle the love I have for the desert.  La Pause promises a simplistic way of life where the guest house walls are built using traditional mud and straw. Hammocks hung under olive groves, glorious views of the vast Moroccan wilderness and spectacular sunsets......what more can you ask for?

Sounds like the perfect getaway to me!

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NanaDiana said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous photos. It makes the desert look appealing even to ME (a tropical kinda gal) xo Diana

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