Monday, June 11, 2012

Vaamika Island

There are so many beautiful places to visit in this world......where does one begin?? However, it is nice to create a wish list and keep it tucked away.......for someday :-)

Kerala, India has been on that list for a while now:-) I have been fortunate that I get to go back to India once a year.  Once my kids get older, I would love to take them around and visit a few places. There is so much to see in India itself that it could take a lifetime :-) Vaamika Island in Kerala seem like a prefect getaway.  Maybe I'll leave my kids behind for this one :-) Vaamika is your own private retreat in set in the backwaters of Kerala. Secluded and picturesque, its easy to see why Conde Nast Traveller India rated it amongst the 50 best new hotels in the world in 2012.

The resort also has a fascinating museum which houses a vast collection of South Indian sculptures, coins and other antiquities. Tempting...........huh??

Hotel Finds, Kerala

What a stunning door.............

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helen tilston said...

I love this hotel. Minimal decor yet warm and welcoming

Helen xx

NanaDiana said...

Anu- This would be a beautiful place to visit. I hope someday to travel to Ireland to see my father's homeland. I have been to all but one of the US states. I love to travel- xo Diana

Shru said...

very beautiful indeed anu... love that door n locks... and also the bed frame... awesome... any idea which part of india is famous for those kinds of bed frame

Anonymous said...

that door look s like the chandramuki movie 's, the chandramukhi's door..( bhol buliya movie in hindi)very much antic..

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