Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Antique Stores and Flea Markets

I am a happy gal :) My parents arrived last night from India to spend the summer break with us. The best part is that I get to be a kid again :-) I love having a full house, where everyone is talking and chatting all at the same time :) 

 The sun is shining today and as usual I could not resist taking a few pictures. I found this lantern/ lamp at an antique store some time back. I love the rust color as it goes well with my decor. The lady I bought it from said that the original lamp was brass and somebody had painted it to this color and added an electrical fitting to it as well. So while it looks like an oil lamp it actually has a light in it now.

I am really not a mall type person and love my finds from inexpensive antique stores and flea markets :-)

Images:  My home. Please link back if you chose to use these images.


Vini said...

Anu i loved that lamp..especially the color..

LeAnne said...

They did a great job painting the lamp. Great color!

lovelifeunderthesun said...

The lamp looks quite interesting....specially because of its painted base!and as usual your home looks the cushion covers!such an easy way to bring about some change in the decor!

nanditark said...

....the lamp is just wonderful !!!

Unknown said...

I love your blog! Many cool ideas.
I have a blog too, if you want to visit it you will be welcome.

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