Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Come Fly With Me To Turkey

I am back this morning with another edition of the "Come Fly With Me" series. I do realize that this long overdue :-) Turkey is the featured destination of this edition. Turkey has been on my must see list for several years. I hope to be heading there next year. My plan is to see the sights in Istanbul, shop at the Grand Bazaar, and stay at the lovely Hotel Macakizi. Of course, this is still an idyllic dream at the moment. We'll see if I can translate this dream into reality next year.

I am mesmerized by the sweeping Bougainvilleas and the endless expanse of the sea below. Maçakızı was established in 1977 by Ayla Emiroğlu as a pension and a private beach located in Bodrum town. The aim was to create an inspiring environment for writers, painters, and intellectuals. This sounds like my kind of place :) Today, Maçakızı has been transformed from a bohemian bed & breakfast into a beautiful boutique hotel with a private beach and a world-renowned restaurant.

I can certainly see myself holidaying in Turkey or even living there:) If you do decide that you want to make Turkey your permanent home, you can always look at

Sigh! A few months in Turkey sounds heavenly :)


Images: Copyright Hotel Macakizi


Hamaree Rasoi said...

Amazing pics of Turkey.

Nayana said...

View from the hotel is amazing...aahh and Bougainvilleas ...I miss it so much here :)

Susan said...

Quite lovely, Anu.

I used to think I'd like to go to Turkey (until I saw the movie, Midnight Express. Then I changed my mind.)

The vistas you show in the lovely photos are beautiful. Susan

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