Wednesday, April 10, 2013

For The Love of Vintage Fabrics (New Series on My Dream Canvas)

The Design world is filled with vintage fabrics splashed all over the web and in print. Magazines filled with living rooms, bedrooms and other spaces decked in gorgeous fabrics from all over the world.

I am starting a new series on My Dream Canvas. I am calling out to all lovers and owners of vintage fabrics and textiles. I have always liked things with history and if that becomes trendy then that's a plus :)

Now for the details. You can join in and share your love for vintage textiles with me here on My Dream Canvas. Dig into your closets and trunks, I am sure you have something to share. It could be a sari belonging to your mother or grandmother, it could be some pretty linen........a tablecloth you have had for years......even a rug or carpet. Anything you like...........but it must be old. The only condition is that you need to style it. Create a vignette using the fabric in your home and a few other accessories. Take a picture with your camera and send it to me. No flash photography please and do try and capture the beauty of the fabric. Send me a few lines about its history and why you love it :) I will feature your picture and your story on My Dream Canvas.

I plan to share a few of my own very soon ! So get the camera out, be creative, have fun and lets get this party started :)

A Suzani in my home.....

Image : My home and subject to copyright.


Hamaree Rasoi said...

Wonderful looking photograph.

Reshma at said...

LIke the way you toyed with the photo too. Gorgeous Suzani! Will go and dig in at home.

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