Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Spanish Love Affair

Hello! My Spanish obsession continues........I cannot help it :) I tend to gravitate towards these gorgeous homes in Spain. Most of them are come alive after extensive rehabilitation and reconstruction of rural properties......and in this case an old barn.
All the homes that I have featured here have a consistent theme that I am drawn to. They are all bright and airy and have rustic chic vibe! This is just what I need to to shake off my Monday blues......a home that makes me smile :)
I have an exciting week planned at MDC. I will be taking you to the home of one of MDC's readers based in the UK and introducing you to a new blog. You don't want to miss it :)
Have a great week ahead!!

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nanditark said...

these are really pretty homes ... and in the top most photo I think there is a duck peeping down from that wooden beam ( so cute ), if that's too a part of decor --- its really cute !

Alpana said...

This is sooooo cool.....

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