Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunflowers and Sunshine

Sunflowers and Sunshine look good together:) Looking pretty in my living room these flowers bathed in sunlight set a happy tune for the weekend.

These days I am completely baffled by the weather in Seattle. Sunshine and warm temperatures in September is spooky:) We should be in jackets by now and lamenting about the endless rain:)  This weekend will be pretty busy for me.......hopefully I can catch a quiet moment here and there!!

MDC is back with home tours next week and I will have something exciting to share with you as well!!

Have a beautiful weekend my friends!!!

Image : My Home. Copyright My Dream Canvas.


nanditark said...

......lovely , as ever !

Sarmistha said...

Cheerful and beautiful...both :)

newyearsresolutionexercise said...

Beautiful flowers! Love the way they look in that glass! Thanks for visiting my web page. I am following you now.

Anonymous said...

The bright, cheery flowers made my evening! Thanks for sharing!

Witchy Crazy Mommy said...

this is so warm and inviting! really need this today since we have some heavy monsoon coming our way;-(

Unknown said...

Following you back-thanks!

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