Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Come Fly With Me to Kenya!!

Hello! Today I am taking you to an island in the Indian Ocean. Manda Bay is a small private lodge on Manda Island in Northern Kenya’s Lamu / Kiwayu archipelago.  An exclusive resort, the Manda Bay is the ultimate in luxury in a relaxed and informal setting.
The buildings in the resort have been built using palm and driftwood. This  seems to be the perfect place to run to.......far away from the madding crowd :)
Now switching back to reality at my end. I had a great Labor day weekend. Today was the first day of school for both my kids. This morning was certainly eventful and a shock to my system. No more late nights for me :) Thankfully the kids seem happy to get back to school!!
Hope your week is coming along well?

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NanaDiana said...

Oh how beautiful. Wish I were there! Have a great week- xo Diana

Reshma said...

Wow ! love the first pic sooo much. Anu please stop posting these breathtaking pics. I want to be there this very moment :))))

ఇందు said...

wowww! I like the first pic :) its awesome :)

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