Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Special Place Close To Home

The weekend is here and we are heading towards a glorious couple of days. The temperature is going to rise up to 80 degrees!! This is a cause of celebration in my part of town :) I am raising my glass to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. From the snow capped the sea and the the surreal sunsets.....there is magic all around!

This is a shot of my favorite spot. I was here yesterday to watch the sun go down. I come here often to enjoy the simple things in life. Being outdoors with my family.....watching my kids play..... the sparkle in the water, the glow of the sun and .........simply to smile and unwind :)

Have a Happy Happy Weekend my friends!!


Image: Anu@MyDreamCanvas and subject to copyright.

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Jennifer Hays said...

That's a beautiful photo. I have never visited your area of the country but I really want to someday.

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