Thursday, May 2, 2013

Introducing Aure

Aure is the brainchild of Seattle based Lakshme. She is a fellow d├ęcor enthusiast and a talented artist. Lakshme creates digital art by fusing traced photographic images with hand-drawn digital graphic elements.

Aure was a shelved dream from her design graduate days. Friends and family encouraged her to bring it to life. As a brand, Aure radiates ethnicity with a modern twist. It will bring the traditional elements into your home in a futuristic take. Lakshme has launched her product with a range of wall art. She envisions expanding into clothing, accessories, and other lifestyle merchandise in the future. Her art work can be made-to-order. Customers can customize the material, size, and colors.

Visit Aure's website for more information. She also has a Facebook page.

Thank you Lakshme and all the very best!!

Images: Copyright Aure by Lakshme


Aalayam Inspiration said...

Looks interesting! indian decor and design is an ever evolving phenomenon!

thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

Thankssss again for the shout out, Anu :)

nanditark said...

These are so pretty, Thanks so much for sharing such a talent !

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