Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Or Winter?

I love it when I wake up to sunlight streaming through my home:) Its strange how as a kid I always loved winters. Winters in Delhi was a season to celebrate :) Now here I am pining for the summer :) Seattle comes alive in the summer and I am counting the days!! 

So what is your favorite season of the year and why do you love it?

I am popping in to say a quick hello as I get ready to tackle a super busy day!

Image: My Home. Please do not reuse without permission.


padmamanasa said...

What a fresh sight, what a beautiful, positive place.. love it!

Miss Sandra said...

Such a lovely image of sunlight streaming into your home. My favorite season is winter. I'm all about home comforts and in winter-time those comforts include...a fire in the hearth, soft and cozy sweaters/sleepwear, hot cocoa, the warmth of a loving companion, the sight of snow falling upon the earth, the snowman made with loving hands, comfort food, the crisp,cold air making cheeks rosy, icicles (like jewelry) adorning bare branches, the welcoming, but not stifling warmth of my home upon entering from the chilly outdoors, and so much more. I simply love winter.
Wishing you bliss each and every day.

Shilpa said...

What a beautiful space in your home....I love winter, but this year with the severe winter which we experienced here in the east coast am eagerly waiting for summer.

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