Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Inspiration : A Home in Mallorca

Friday in my opinion is the best day of the week. It is the time to plan for the weekend. Whether you do a lot or do absolutely nothing on the weekend is your choice entirely! Sometimes the weekend seems no different from the work week and yet Friday is a fun day :)  While I have some mundane errands to run this weekend, I can't help but day dream of an island in Spain :)

I think the maximum number of homes featured on MDC have been from Spain :) This exquisite home in Mallorca takes my breath away. The fuchsia flowers, the Mediterranean air, the earthy tones.......sigh its all so dreamy!

What is your favorite element in this home? To view more images of this home click here.

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Shilpa said...

Everything about this home is so perfect, have to say the bougainvillea is what I like the most...:)

Emreen said...

what a beautiful home.... Love the colorful bougainvillea and the stone walls...

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