Monday, May 13, 2013

Come Fly With Me To "The Farm" Jaipur

Hello there My Come With Me Series for this week takes us to my favorite state in India....Rajasthan! I lived in Jaipur and other parts of Rajasthan for many many years. I miss Rajasthan a lot and try and make a trip there whenever I can.

The Farm is an inventive and artistic little boutique hotel on the outskirts of Jaipur. The Farm is largely constructed from spare parts and salvaged furniture from the owners old palace. The hotel opened in 2009. In this hotel, the treasured cultural heritage of its young Rajput owners meets reinvention, originality and flair. The Farm is also a creative space that showcases the work of many artists both known and unknown. 

While the property offers all the luxuries you need, reuse,recycle and re-purpose is the mantra of the hotel. All the 6 rooms in the hotel have a unique personality of their own. I am intrigued by this eclectic and artistic hotel. To know more about "The Farm" click here.


Images: The Farm Hotel and subject to Copyright.


Emreen said...

Wow ! What a beautiful place... Thanks for sharing, Anu ! Would love to visit the hotel some day !

Katrina Ulrich said...

Hi! I lead an annual fair trade craft and textile tour to India and we spend most of our time in Jaipur. I am so excited to see this post about The Farm Hotel and want to stay a few days in January to check it out! Thanks so much. I love your blog.

Aalayam Inspiration said...

What a fabulous virtual treat! I would so love to live in a space like this - totally my kind of decor!

thanks for sharing anu!


Moushumi - Rainbows and Cloudbursts said...

That blue bench was such a sight for sore eyes!!! Each time I visit your blog, I leave a little happier Anu! Thank you so much :)

rubyspalette-an art page said...

Such an incredibly beautiful place,must see on my next visit. Thanks for sharing :-)

Unknown said...

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