Thursday, May 16, 2013

Travel Keepsake Kits : The Perfect Summer DIY

I am really not great at DIY projects thought I would love to be :) However, this fantastic DIY that I found on Martha Stewart's website is just my kind of thing!  I am totally motivated to try this out myself.

I love the concept of these travel keepsake kits. After every vacation I think of printing a few photographs and preserving them in an album or scrapbook. However, it never happens!! I never get around to sorting the images......I guess I take too many pictures :) These wooden keepsake boxes seem to be the perfect way to store photographs, ticket stubs, maps, and mementos. What an absolutely brilliant, stylish yet practical way to store your memoirs.

To know more about how to make your own fun keepsake boxes click here. You will find details on where you can buy the box, the paint and the stencils!! I think this would be a fun project for the summer!

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Shilpa said...

Lovely idea Anu ..thanks for sharing !

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