Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Happiness at Home

Hello there!! Fridays is a fun day because that is the day you get to plan for the weekend :) Weekends may not always be exciting...... but for me the best part is that we all get to stay home :) Well, it maybe only for a few hours! Weekends also come with various other commitments that need to be managed.

Having a meal together, chatting endlessly about mundane stuff........ my kids giggling and laughing......... the TV is all this craziness that makes it perfect :) Sometimes I can't hear myself think.... and that is when I retreat with my cup of tea.

So what are the things you love the most about your weekend?

Image: My Home


Unknown said...

Lovely pictures Anu :) I love weekends too. Lots of family time and with hubby at home to take care of the kids I get some 'me time' too :)

Shanan, The Book Addict said...

I love weekends because I get to take my daughter to the park and see her be free spirited.


Chandan said...

The photographs are gorgeous as ever Anu.. Loved the crispness and detail in both . Nice!

Unknown said...

wow...i just loved ur blog.I too love to dress up my home and u have very interesting ideas...thnks.

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